Group Management

Christian Zahler
CEO since 2018

Christian Zahler has a Master’s degree in physics from the University of Freiburg. Working in the field of solar thermal technologies for about 30 years, he started his “solar career” at the Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg. Later, he moved on to work at research institutes in Portugal and Norway. In 1999, he returned to Freiburg and joined PSE AG, where he was responsible for the solar thermal department. In 2008, Christian and Tobias Schwind jointly founded Industrial Solar.

Shareholding in CISH as of June 15, 2021

Jochen Lachnit
CFO since 2020

Jochen Lachnit holds a MBA from the University of Bamberg and has worked in the position of CFO in other companies like the Meona Group GmbH and Jedox AG before he joined Industrial Solar GmbH in October 2020 as commercial manager.

Shareholding in CISH as of June 15, 2021