Solutions for a
Sustainable Industry
and a Circular Economy

Clean Industry Solutions

Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB (CISH) invests in independently operating innovative companies which provide solutions for a sustainable industry and a circular economy. The current two subsidiaries, Industrial Solar GmbH and SolarSpring GmbH, offer solutions for the supply of clean energy and clean water for industry.

CISH AB’s mission is to offer industrial customers a holistic solution to reduce their environmental footprint by providing technologies that cover the demand for clean heat and clean water.

Meeting the energy and clean water demand with sustainable technologies and renewable resources can significantly decrease CO2 emissions and help protect the environment. Solar power and water-treatment solutions cover a vast and vital part of the fight against climate change and can be supported by other sustainable technologies. Thus, CISH AB is open to acquiring other complementary companies it can create synergies and added value.

Clean energy solutions for the industry facilitate the positive change and the shift we need to achieve the energy transition.

Clean Industry Solutions

Two companies behind Clean Industry Solutions

Industrial Solar GmbH

Basler Str. 115
79115 Freiburg
+49 761 767111-0

Industrial Solar GmbH is an international leading technology and solution provider, which develops projects mainly based on its innovative Fresnel collector technology suitable for fulfilling an expected growing market of solar process heat.

As a one-stop-shop Industrial Solar offers turnkey solutions for customers in several industries.

SolarSpring GmbH - Membrane Solutions

Christaweg 40
79114 Freiburg
+49 761 610 508 3

SolarSpring GmbH is an equipment manufacturer of innovative membrane-based water treatment systems for industrial customers which either aim to reuse process liquids or where sensitive liquid products require concentration. Moreover, the treatment technology filters valuable raw materials such as gold, silver or other costly resources. The company is an absolute pioneer in the field of membrane distillation for industrial wastewater treatment.

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