Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europé: 30% cost reduction makes safe and clean drinking water for the growing world population more affordable

With its proven water treatment solutions, SolarSpring, a 100% subsidiary of Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB, has already provided places around the world with its water purification system. In February, it was communicated that the production costs of SolarSpring's membrane distillation modules – which are mainly applied for wastewater treatment in industry – will be reduced by 80% due to a new production technology. Now, the company is proud to announce that the sales price of its ultra-filtration solutions will also decrease by 30%, which is of special importance for economically weak countries, where this technology is needed most for the provision of safe and clean drinking water.

Due to climate change, the availability of fresh water in many regions of the world decreases, whereas the demand for fresh water increases worldwide. This water shortage is likely to aggravate economic disparities between certain countries, as well as between sectors or regions within countries. Much of the burden is likely to fall on the poor. Worldwide, over 785 million people still have no access to clean water. One of the goals of the United Nations is to make clean water available to all people. SolarSpring, having installed many drinking water stations in places like Kenya, Congo and Columbia, aims to contribute to this undertaking by providing robust solar-powered technology that can be used to clean and provide potable surface water easily and inexpensively. The company's water purification system is a compact and innovative water treatment plant. It guarantees a reliable and safe water supply from dirty and microbiological contaminated water sources without using chemicals. Automatic operation, low maintenance and easy plug & play setup are the features of this system. In order to promote the spread of these systems, especially in structurally weaker countries, SolarSpring's engineers have consistently been working on optimizing the production and sales. And even in times of increased inflation and general price increases, SolarSpring has managed to reduce the cost of drinking water treatment systems. The systems can be purchased up to 30% cheaper now. This price reduction will also be passed on to the company's resellers.