Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europé: SolarSpring receives order to investigate treatment of process water from `Dead Sea Works’

SolarSpring GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of CISH AB, and TAMI (IMI) have closed a contract for testing the treatment of process water from the `Dead Sea Works' using Membrane Distillation.

TAMI (IMI) is the central R&D facility of the Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL Group) since 1975, founded in 1952 as Israel Mining Industries Ltd. It is the largest industrial chemistry research and development establishment in Israel. The ICL Group is a leading global specialty minerals company that creates impactful solutions for humanity's sustainability challenges in the global food, agriculture, and industrial markets. 
The Dead Sea Works (as part of the ICL Group) is investigating in evaporating of up to 15% of water from a concentrated brine with a Membrane Distillation technology. The final process aims at a flow rate of 3t/h. In order to reach that goal, SolarSpring GmbH from Freiburg has been contracted to conduct laboratory bench tests with its novel Membrane Distillation technology using vacuum. This configuration enhances the process efficiency and is required when dealing with challenging salt solutions of extremely high concentration. Mining industries typically deal with waste waters of similar composition resulting in an increasing need for efficient processing technologies.    
The great need for concentrating brine in the mining industry all over the world is also shown in this order which has a relatively small volume of 15,000 € but is of high strategical importance.