Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europé: Update of Financial Calendar of Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB

Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB updated its financial calendar 2021. First, the date of the Annual General Meeting 2021 was moved from June 10, 2021 to May 20, 2021 as several board members will not be available on the originally planned date. Second, the publication date of the Annual Report 2020 was moved up one day in order to be in compliance with the Swedish Companies Act (2005:551) which states that there must be at least 3 weeks between the publishing of the Annual Report and the Annual General Meeting. Third, the publication date of the first quaterly report 2021 was postponed to May 28, 2021 to spread the reporting dates more evenly.

The financial calendar for 2021 has been scheduled as follows:

Annual Report 2020:             29/04/2021

Annual General Meeting:      20/05/2021

1st Quarterly Report:            28/05/2021

2nd Quarterly Report:           27/08/2021

3rd Quarterly Report:            26/11/2021

Year-end Report:                  25/02/2022