Industrial Solar is approved for listing on Spotlight Stock Market

Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB ("Industrial Solar" and "the Company") has been approved for listing on Spotlight Stock Market. Spotlight's decision is conditional upon that the new issue is completed to at least its minimum limit.

Industrial Solar is a German engineering company with expertise within solar heating systems. The Company offers full service solutions to industry customers that have a vast demand for heat generation in their production processes. Industrial Solar offers services and products for each step of the process when a customer wants to convert to solar heating or integrate solar heating into its existing energy systems.

–          Spotlight and our advisor Eminova have done a very good work, especially considered that the structure of the company was created only three months ago, says Tobias Schwind, CFO of Industrial Solar.

The Company is planning to carry out a fully pre-subscribed rights issue in order to fulfill the condition upon which the approval was given. More information including terms and conditions and memorandum for the rights issue will be communicated well before the first day of subscription.

The preliminary first day of trading for Industrial Solar's share on Spotlight Stock Market is on the 15th of January 2018.

This press release has been published simultaneously in a Swedish translation.

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