Industrial Solar: New manufacturing method expected to cut cost by up to 80 % in membrane distillation technology

SolarSpring GmbH is a 100 % subsidiary of Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB which specializes in sustainable wastewater and drinking water technologies. A major goal for the successful marketing of membrane distillation modules is a more cost-effective production. With a new manufacturing technology and a new module design a cost reduction of up to 80 % can be achieved. The new version of membrane distillation modules will be market available in the second half of 2021.

One of SolarSpring's key competences is membrane distillation module production and over the last years, SolarSpring has profited from its in-house manufacturing facility. The modules are the heart of the company's innovative wastewater treatment systems. Flexibility in production was crucial when adapting the technology to new applications and customer needs.
However, the next step in enhancing commercial viability is transitioning to a higher volume series production. Therefore, a new manufacturing module development program was initiated in Q4 of 2020.  As cost reductions in manufacturing are the key to a successful market entry and increasing profitability, the new development program aims at cutting production costs by up to 80 % by substituting metal components by polymer ones and thereby eliminating the most expensive elements altogether. A new sealing concept and smart manufacturing method is expected to bring down the component costs while boosting flexibility and easing parts exchange. The simplified assembly and testing also enable quicker manufacturing times and improve quality assurance. Prototypes of the new membrane distillation modules are expected to be ready for initial testing towards the end of Q1 2021 and market available in the second half of 2021.