Industrial Solar signs cooperation agreement to expand market in the U.S.

The companies Industrial Solar GmbH from Freiburg/Germany and Solar UV Solutions from Indianapolis/United States have signed a cooperation agreement to complement each other's solar thermal systems and jointly develop the market for solar process heat systems in the United States and global target markets.

Despite the current U.S. administration's rollback of environmental regulations and dismissal of the Paris Climate Agreement, demand for renewable energy solutions is steadily increasing throughout the country. Twenty-five states totalling $11.7 trillion in GDP, a block representing the 3rd largest economy in the world, have formed the Climate Alliance and set aggressive clean energy targets. Solar thermal with its high efficiency compared to solar PV has an important role in this effort to provide clean and affordable energy.

Industry is responsible for one third of total final energy consumption in the United States, with the largest share being used for process heating. Thus, industrial process heating is of utmost relevance and the use of solar thermal collectors for industrial applications is an obvious step in the right direction.

Industrial Solar's linear Fresnel collector is specifically designed for industrial application and can provide heat with temperatures up to 400 °C in a power range up to 30 MW. It can be operated with pressurized water or thermal oil – or it can directly generate steam, which is an important heat transfer medium in industry.

Solar UV Solutions is an Indiana-based, United States, company with a focus on high-quality commercial and industrial heat production. Their patented SunQuest 250 solar thermal collectors utilize evacuated tube technology to convert ultraviolet (UV) rays into a renewable source of usable energy. This thermal energy can then be used in a number of commercial applications, such as high-volume water heating, domestic hot water (DHW), radiant floor heating and preheat make-up water for steam applications. The SunQuest 250 panels are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize heat loss, and each collector is capable of producing up to 30,000 BTUs per hour, with a 10-hour average solar day. 

Both collectors seamlessly integrate with existing heating systems to provide the primary source of heating during the day and significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. Together the two companies can complement each other to offer tailored solar thermal solutions for a broader range of clients in the United States and abroad. Industrial Solar's Fresnel collector is ideal for temperatures up to 400° C (700 F) while Solar UV Solutions' SunQuest 250 is most efficient when temperatures of up to 150° C (300 F) are needed. Together they give a huge part of the industry the perfect opportunity to reduce their emissions.


Partner Info:
Solar UV Solutions ( is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. The company was founded by owner Don Frank, and focuses on high-quality commercial and industrial heat production.


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