SolarSpring closes sales contract for an MD pilot system to be used in industrial water recycling project

Clean Industry Solutions’ subsidiary SolarSpring, a pioneer in the field of membrane distillation offering innovative waste- and drinking water treatment technology, has closed a sales contract for a membrane distillation pilot unit with a volume of 40,868.40 €. The unit was sold to Aquas Industriales de Tarragona S.A. and will be used for industrial wastewater recycling within the EU funded project ULTIMATE.

Today, SolarSpring signed a sales contract with a volume of 40,868.40 €. The membrane distillation pilot unit will be delivered end of June, with 80 % of the total amount paid upfront and 20 % after installation. SolarSpring will customize the system for the buyer Aquas Industriales de Tarragona S.A. in order to concentrate salt solutions up to a near saturation level. The unit will be fitted into a 40” container and uses membrane distillation modules in an Air Gap channel configuration, which are suited to operate in high salt concentrations. It will be commissioned and run within the EU funded project ULTIMATE ( which aims to create economic value and increase sustainability by valorising resources within the water cycle. Since wastewater is not only a reusable resource but also a carrier for energy and components that can be extracted, treated, stored, and reused, wastewater recycling will be promoted in various industrial settings. Nine large-scale demonstration cases from the four most important industrial sectors in Europe have been selected, namely agro-food processing, the heavy metal and petrochemical industry, the beverage industry and the biotech industry. The goals of the project are the extraction and exploitation of materials as well as energy and the recovery and reuse of water.