Building a Circular Economy


The Industry has a Massive Impact on the Environment

Did you know that the industrial sector is responsible for almost one-third of global emissions and uses 20% of the available fresh water resources? The industry produces all the goods, employs millions of people, and encourages innovation. However, like many human activities, it puts a strain on the environment. Up to date, most of the energy demand in the industrial sector is still met by burning fossil fuels, and industrial water supply is mostly taken from drinking water resources.

Moreover, industrial manufacturing is expected to grow up to 400% by 2050. It is estimated to become the sector that emits the most CO₂ if practical solutions to stop releasing Greenhouse gases are not integrated into energy generation processes. Also, due to the industrialization of emerging countries, water usage will increase immensely, estimated up to 67% by 2050.


Thankfully, technologies and possibilities to make the industry more sustainably exist. We are a part of the global family of scientists, engineers, and innovators working towards creating clean water solutions for all sectors.

Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB‘s subsidiary, SolarSpring GmbH, offers solutions for the supply of clean water for industry.

With innovative water treatment systems, SolarSpring provides the industry with sustainable solutions to immensely reduce their water consumption. These pioneering technologies and solutions push the implementation of a circular economy in industry. Transitioning to sustainable processes in industry is an important step toward mitigating climate change.

We are bringing the change we want to see in this world by helping companies implement urgently needed solutions.