How to invest

You, as an individual, can support the change and impact the planet positively by helping our subsidiary companies realize renewable energy and clean water projects all over the world. Through an investment in  Clean Industry Solutions, you can see the tangible impacts of your support. Unlike one-time donations, you see the long-term positive results of your support and directly help the decarbonization efforts of the industry and valuable resource recovery from wastewater as well as purifying water to make it drinkable in water-scarce regions of the world.

Supporting the change and investing in renewable energy and clean water solutions is more than being a shareholder; it is a significant contribution to your way of making an individual impact.

Any investment in shares is associated with various risks. Before an investment decision, it is essential to analyze the risk factors carefully. We ask you to read the Company Description PDF document here to inform yourself in more detail about possible investment risks.

It is easy to support the change! If you already have a portfolio account, talk to your broker or bank to take the first step today. Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB’s ISIN code is SE0011762517 – join the supporters of change today! Find our shares on Avanza or Nordnet.

Clean Industry Solutions