Technologies & References


SolarSpring has created pioneer technologies that have been implemented worldwide and helped reduce water usage immensely.


SolarSpring’s Membrane Distillation

Membrane distillation is a cutting-edge method of water treatment, a technology that can recover up to 95% of the process water and minimize the wastewater volume. A water-repellent membrane is used in the membrane distillation system to separate the hot and cold feed streams. In addition, valuable by-products from the waste stream can be recovered and recycled. One of the distinctive features of this technology developed by SolarSpring is that it can be thermally driven using waste heat or be combined with other heat sources such as solar thermal collectors.


The ReWaCEM (Resource recovery from liquid waste streams with cutting-edge membrane technologies) approach offers a promising solution to the problem of wastewater disposal in the metal surface treatment industry and aims at creating a circular economy by recovery of resources. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under a grant agreement.

Africa Solaire​

Africa Solaire is an official distributor of SolarSpring GmbH since 2019. Meanwhile, SolarSpring has already shipped four water treatment systems to Congo by sea freight and installed them on site: These mobile and compact water treatment plants for up to 2,500 (5,000) litres of drinking water per day are suitable for the treatment of contaminated surface water from wells, rivers and lakes. After treatment, the water quality achieved is up to 99.999% free of bacteria and viruses.

These projects have contributed to the growth of sustainable industries and helped to create a more sustainable world. Investing in sustainable solutions can positively impact the world while generating long-term value for our shareholders. We invite you to join us on this journey toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.