Support the Change

The Industry has a Massive Impact on the Environment

Did you know that the industrial sector is responsible for almost one-third of global emissions? The industry produces all the goods, employs millions of people, and encourages innovation. However, like many human activities, it strains the environment. Moreover, industrial production is expected to grow up to 400% by 2050. It is estimated to become the sector that emits the most CO2 if practical solutions to stop releasing Greenhouse gases are not adopted into the energy generation processes.

The Solutions Exist

Most of the energy demand in the industrial sector is still met by burning fossil fuels. Thankfully, the technologies and possibilities to decarbonize the industry exist. We are among the many scientists, engineers, and innovators working to realize clean energy solutions for all sectors. Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB invests in companies that provide solutions for sustainable industry and a circular economy. The two subsidiaries, Industrial Solar GmbH and SolarSpring GmbH, offer solutions for the supply of clean energy and clean water for industry. We are bringing the change we want to see in this world by helping companies implement the urgently needed clean energy solutions.

Industry after change

Support the Change!

You, as an individual, can support the change and impact the planet positively by helping our subsidiary companies realize renewable energy and clean water projects all over the world. Through an investment in  Clean Industry Solutions, you can see the tangible impacts of your support. Unlike one-time donations, you see the long-term positive results of your support and directly help the decarbonization efforts of the industry and valuable resource recovery from wastewater as well as purifying water to make it drinkable in water-scarce regions of the world.

Supporting the change and investing in renewable energy and clean water solutions is more than being a shareholder; it is a significant contribution to your way of making an individual impact.

The Benefit:

Creating Sustainable Industries

The benefits of decarbonizing the industry and supporting renewable energy solutions are immediately visible. When you support the change with us, you

fight climate change

contribute to local value creation

support the creation of renewable energy jobs

help improve industrial processes

support a healthy environment

show that the change is possible

support hope and a livable future

help achieve sustainable development goals

contribute to a circular economy

show that individual actions matter

How to Invest?

Any investment in shares is associated with various risks. Before an investment decision, it is essential to analyze the risk factors carefully. We ask you to read the Company Description PDF document here to inform yourself in more detail about possible investment risks.

It is easy to support the change! If you already have a portfolio account, talk to your broker or bank to take the first step today. Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB’s ISIN code is SE0011762517 – join the supporters of change today! Find our shares on Avanza or on Nordnet.