CISH AB CEO Christian Zahler comments on Q3 Report

Infront Direkt Studios interviewed Clean Industry Solutions’ CEO Christian Zahler about the events in Q3 2021 and the latest developments. The video is available on YouTube.

Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB’s (CISH) CEO Christian Zahler was interviewed by Infront Direkt Studios after the publication of the company’s 3rd interim report on 26 November. Christian Zahler gives details regarding funded R&D projects as well as the company’s above-average growth during the last months. “Q3 2021 shows a clear continuation of the growth trend of 2021. While revenue doubled in Q2 compared to the previous quarter, it has now more than tripled. Add to this a 1.5 MSEK increase in work in progress, and we have increased full year 2021 revenue by 247% to 1.9 mSEK so far,” states Christian Zahler.

Watch the whole video here: