Industrial Solar: SolarSpring sells MD Lab to University of Toledo, Ohio

SolarSpring GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB, will deliver a customized membrane distillation (MD) unit to the Interfacial Thermal and Transport Laboratory (ITTL) of the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA – a laboratory with strategic value for SolarSpring conducting high quality, innovative and collaborative research for the development of sustainable products.

SolarSpring, a technology leader for membrane distillation technology, received a customized order for a MD Lab from the University of Toledo, OH. To enable the ITTL to conduct high quality and interfacial research dedicated to generating new knowledge and products with lasting impact, the University ordered a very robust, easy to operate, yet highly accurate unit which can be put into operation online.
Although this order has a rather small volume of 30 k€, it is of great strategic importance.  ITTL is an independent institute and thus will confirm the capabilities of SolarSpring's technology not only for the US market. The engagement of ITTL supports the development of new and existing applications and markets, such as the chemical industry in North America and other regions. The MD Lab System from SolarSpring is a lab unit for investigations in various MD configurations. The connectors, vessels, sensors and piping are constructed to be highly flexible which allows experimental constructions of nearly every different type of MD. Data acquisition of all process-relevant sensor values is integrated.
This special test cell allows the measurement of very small membranes produced in the laboratory which enables ITTL to take membrane development to a new level and to achieve a wider range of applications. The demand in the chemical industry as well as in the sensor industry for novel membranes and technologies like membrane distillation is very high.
A shortage of raw materials in these industries directs the focus to recovery of these materials directly from wastewater – a strength of SolarSpring's MD technology.
SolarSpring's engineers agreed to manufacture the system according to the university's requirements, and Daniel Pfeifle, CEO of SolarSpring, announced, "We are happy to support the ITTL and their great research program with our technology. Thus we help to measure and to develop special membranes in Ohio increasing the field of applications and markets."
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